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Brooklyn Native Owner of MOLAS Boutique Spa

Nothing makes me more excited than women supporting other women. When we come together as one we can really make powerful things happen! Law Beauty Essentials would like to take some time out to celebrate the black-owned nail lounge and spa “MOLAS Boutique Spa” based out of Brooklyn, New York. Law Beauty Essentials had the honor to partner with MOLAS featuring their vegan nail polish line in the salon. This collaboration is epic because both owners are from Brooklyn and are able to contribute to their community. Entrepreneurship isn't easy so having women come together to connect their business goals is awesome! Not only are they here to uplift their community but allowing them to utilize their internal resources is what helps them to rise above.

 Shining light on the woman who makes it all happen Ms. Yami owner of MOLAS Boutique Spa. Here we will dig a little deeper into the startup of her entrepreneurial background and the reason behind her hustle!   

What inspired you to start your own nail lounge and spa?
 I personally love getting pampered but in the past, I dreaded going to get my nails done because the experience was always a boring one. During my nail service, I often fantasized about going to a nail salon where the minutes didn't seem like hours because it was enjoyable and not boring. This is when I came up with the concept of MOLAS, which is a "feel good" salon where clients are welcomed with an upbeat, fun atmosphere.


What does self-care mean to you and why is it important in today’s society? 

Self-care is the perfect stress reliever. It's easy to neglect ourselves when we're busy or feeling down, even something as a basic manicure may seem like a lot. In today's society, it is important that we practice self-care or "pampering" and stop looking at it as a reward but instead as part of our lives just like practicing healthy eating, working out, etc. 


What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

My favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur besides the satisfaction of saying that I'm a business owner is giving back to my community. I grew up in Flatbush and to be able to provide something that I felt was lacking is a wonderful feeling. Having the opportunity to change people's lives whether it's a client or employee is a rewarding feeling.


What risk and challenges did you face while starting your business?

One of my challenges at first was finding good contractors to create the space that I envisioned. The first contractor that I had didn't finish the job in time so I had to spend more of the budget on hiring another contractor later on which would result in me not meeting my deadline and having my grand opening a week later.


What is one word to describe how customers view your brand?



How has the partnership with Law Beauty Essentials affect your brand?

Law Beauty Essentials is the perfect brand for MOLAS customers because they are vegan which most of our clients can appreciate and their fun and edgy colors coincide with our brand.


Why is it important to collaborate with other women in your community? 

It is important to collaborate with other women in my community because that collaboration and support can help all of us achieve our goals. In the end, our "mutually beneficial" business exchange not only forms positive friendships with other women but also positive business relationships as well.


What advice would you give to young women who want to start their own business? 

I would say don't be afraid to go for it. Even if you don't have the money to start a business. Thinking creatively and business planning is also as important and can be done before having the funds to start it. I had a business plan about three years before starting my business. I changed that business plan so many times but it was that process that helped me have a clearer vision when the time came to open up MOLAS.



Law Beauty Essentials values your partnership and will continue to support. If you're in Brooklyn make sure you get dolled up at MOLAS Boutique Spa. At times picking out a nail color can be a project then we end up texting bae for color suggestions haha. Remember to include the Law Beauty Essentials nail polish line in your selection.

 You can find more of MOLAS Boutique Spa below:

Shop location: 500 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn New York

Instagram: @molasboutiquespa

Website: www.molasboutiquespa.com

Author: Teeara Ida



Molas nail salon spa

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